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Default Re: Dwight chose Houston - Lakers rebuild??

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Let us all face the facts:

Dwight never wanted LAL

The only reason he ended up in LA was because we were the only option for him and he just wanted to get out of Orlando in anyway possible.

It was a good attempt by the lakers and they did everything right.

They turned an injury prone Andrew Bynum into Howard. Who else could have done that?

He had to have an excuse to leave. He chose D'Antoni as an excuse.

I also strongly agree with lakers_kobe_fan that Dwight did have some issues with Kobe as much as he did with D'Antoni.

people keep harping on the coach. Lakers FO is led by Mitch Kupcake ...1 of the smartest gm's in the league. if they thought dwight can be laker franchise player they would have dropped D'Toni like a hot potato.....

everybody calls out Jim buss....but look at the last 2 offseasons...
got us CP3 ...& was going to follow up with howard....thanks to stern...didnt workout

last year many people in here thought we had even a chance to get nash??? even if he was 60yrs old...nobody...then they followed by cHoward.....

i trust FO to make right decisions.....
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