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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

Originally Posted by Nastradamus
To be fair, Josh Smith is a much better player than CV or Gordon. He's a top 30 or so player in this league and one of its very best defenders. He isn't a great fit as a SF, I fully admit it. OTOH, I feel like with him,Drummond and Monroe up front, we are going to play very good defense as a team, outrebound you and outscore you in the paint. That's not a bad recipe for winning games. You just need your guards to rain 3s at that point.

Oh no doubt he is much more effective player than BG or CV. Kid is a beast, fills up the stat line. I'd love to have two big men that can cut through the passing lanes for transition buckets. (Drummond is so surprisingly good at that, its frightening)

I'm scared of players that have egos, though. And Josh Smith has an ego. And my argument is when Joe D pulled off the signing of BG/CV, he did it to do something. Josh Smith is two tiers above either player, but I see 6-8 seeds with him on our squad, no higher. The signing would be the same thing, making a move to make a move.

Regardless of the results this year, I think it's time for Joe D to go and get some new blood in. We've done a good job developing one draft pick since god knows when (Monroe).

I say we role out with our squad this year, maybe trying to trade for a stellar point guard or signing Jeff Teague. Get a good draft pick next year so we can get a potential All-Star. Try and make a big move for LeBron (I know...) and if that doesn't work, we have a STELLAR set of young talent that should be in position to make playoff runs and develop with each other.

I hate saying "let's develop young talent" since that's all we've been trying to do lately, but we finally have the pieces in place to do it and I have A LOT of hope for this team without making a stupid signing to save someone's job.

Opinions? I could be way off. :P

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