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Default Re: Dwight chose Houston - Lakers rebuild??

Originally Posted by DKLaker

Thank You!!!!!

Lakers Kobe Fan has his gripes, we all do. For him to personally attack me is retarded and low class. I have put up with his illegible 1st grade posts without a comment, dude needs spell check to spell CAT. Dude needs to go back to school and spend less time on here, maybe learn something about class and respect while he's at it........then learn basketball.

I love the Lakers, I have since 1960......'Antoni is an abomination to the sport of basketball. He makes my blood boil.....yes, WORSE than Brown.
I am almost positive that with Jimmy in charge, we will hire another idiot coach when we fire 'Antoni. So yeah, I admit that I rant....I have the rigth to just like anyone else.

lol now u r a grammar teacher??? grow up a little...

you are like the internet millionaire who likes to show off...dude nobody gives a fcuk if you have 2 houses or 10 mansions......

u have ran good posters on this forum...GTS, your bull sh1t of oh i am coach ...look at me ....I know everything...what the fcuk u guys know....

& please DONT drop me a private message asking to stop calling you out in the forum.....
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