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Default Re: Dwight chose Houston - Lakers rebuild??

Originally Posted by bladefd
Who should the Lakers try to acquire for this upcoming season? If Gasol is to start at C, we will need another starting shooter. Either at the 2, 3 or 4. If it's at the 2 then Kobe would move to SF. If it's at the 3 then Artest would move to PF. There are not many good long-range PFs in the league so that may be off the table.

Who would be right for one of those 3 positions?? Lakers unfortunately don't have many options to trade with.. Knowing the Lakers, there is zero chance they tank the season with the current roster..

Honestly, Lakers should save the amnesty for next off-season. Amnesty Nash so then Lakers have $0 on the books next summer. Start completely anew. I'm sure Gasol will take a $6-7m paycut (currently 19m) along with Kobe taking $12-13m paycut (currently 30m).

they cant amnesty nash as he signed after the lockout....

they can use provision on him where they spread out his salary for next couple of years
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