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Default Re: Josh Smith to Pistons :(

Posted this in the main forum, but what do you guys think here?

"He has to be looking to move Monroe for a PG that can push the ball up court and fast. Namely Rondo.

If Pistons call pull off a trade for Rondo, you think this could be a likely starting lineup?

PG - Rondo
SG - Knight
SF -Caldwell-Pope
PF - Josh Smith
C - Drummond

Obvious deficiency in SG defense. Caldwell-Pope would be undersized at the SF on defense, but he is a good defender and will still pester some of the bigger SF in the league. And if the driver beats the perimeter D, two erasers on the inside to swat away shots.

On offense, Lob City v2.0. Throw it up and see how far it can go. Not working on the interior and you have 2 great perimeter shooters to hit the 3s. Knight will still have some ability to put the ball on the floor and make a bucket/play with penetration as well.

I don't see it as tooooooo bad if they get Rondo. If they don't, I'll be really really sad."
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