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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

Originally Posted by ZMonkey11

I say we role out with our squad this year, maybe trying to trade for a stellar point guard or signing Jeff Teague. Get a good draft pick next year so we can get a potential All-Star. Try and make a big move for LeBron (I know...) and if that doesn't work, we have a STELLAR set of young talent that should be in position to make playoff runs and develop with each other.

I hate saying "let's develop young talent" since that's all we've been trying to do lately, but we finally have the pieces in place to do it and I have A LOT of hope for this team without making a stupid signing to save someone's job.

Opinions? I could be way off. :P

There's not a lot of guys I want to spend a ton of money on either. This free agent class doesn't get me excited. It just wasn't a good year to have a ton of cap space (and a lottery pick....). I think we need to go out there with our young guys and let them play. If we end up with a lottery pick next year then so be it. I'd rather have that pick next year than to give it to Charlotte anyway.
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