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Raptor Fan here. Bargnani failed miserably in Toronto and was hated by any toronto fan who ever watch a Raptors game. Most Toronto fans including myself would have been fine to just seem him amestied. Anyone who watched a Raptors game the last two years can tell you how he crumbled under pressure, failed to live up to expectations and was the target for our wrath on watching the Raptors suck.

However this has a good chance on being a trade that Knicks Fans are claiming to have won in a couple of years. Bargnani was unable to handle the pressure of being the main guy and is a flawed player but he is being put in a position to succeed with this trade.

Bargnani is flawed but skilled and there are a few players in the league that he would excel at playing beside. Melo is one of those players and I think there is a good chance the Bargnani you will be getting is the one from 2008-2012 till an injury he tried to play through set him back.

He may not rebound and cannot be counted on being the number one but he should be productive. I would not be surprised to see 17-20 PPG - 6RPG on 450 fg% and 350% on 3's. He is a better man defender than given credit for and can be counted for a block a game. Before he was injured in the shortened 2012 he was playing like a potential All-Star. After that injury he was never going to be accepted by Toronto Fans. To many of us have wanted to Tank and get a chance at the Superstar Bargnani never turned into. He can be an incredible 3rd or 4th best player but will fail everytime he is expected to be a go to guy. He does not seem to have the mental toughness. He seems to want to be robin to someone else's batman.
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