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Originally Posted by KG215
I don't understand people that think like this when it comes to buying a sports game, unless it has their favorite player on the cover. It's not like you buy the game and stare at the cover all the time. This is especially true with 2K, but when I first buy it, it doesn't leave my PS3 for a few months; so the only time I see the cover during that time is while I'm taking it out of the plastic wrapping. After that, I put it back in the drawer next to the TV I play video games on and it's out of sight. And even when I do get a little tired of it, and star going back-and-forth between 2K and another game or two, it's not like I pause for a few minutes to look at the cover.

So again, who the hell cares who's on the cover? I can't imagine that ever being the main or sole reason why I wouldn't buy a video game.
It was a joke bro. I have 2K10 and I hate Kobe. I did skip 2K13 though because I didn't feel it would be a big step up from 2K12 and it had my favorite player on the cover.
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