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Originally Posted by bluechox2
i see this starting lineup


as this lineup still can utilize melo at the pf position on offense and create a bigger mismatch for bargs on a smaller player out on the perimeter
and the defense shud be slightly better with melo switching back to the sf position and 7 footer bargs on the pf or switching with chandler

we got 2 7 footers up front, may not get blocks but can definitely alter shots
The only thing now missing to be the perfect lineup built around Carmelo is a gaurd that can shoot.

What you just said is exactly what I'd been asking for the whole time- Carmelo is not best from the perimeter as the best shooter in the lineup. HE needs to be closer to the basket, efficiency and playmaking for others will both go up

I know many of you think he couldn't do it but the highest ceiling lineup the Knicks could put out has shumpert in place of Felton. And you'd get a better jr smith if he wasn't needed to be the primary scorer/creator.

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