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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by Jackass18
The only state too retarded to not legalize MMA now has 2 champions. Get your shit together New York.
NYS is pretty much acting as expected, i reckon.

last i saw, dana was doing an interview about a month ago trying to whip up sentiment against the culinary union, which seems to hold the key to that situation over the anti-fertitas casino thing. same way he tries to whip up sentiment against keith kizer and the nevada athletic commision, for example trying to get maserati blocked from the UFC over the fitch - burkman decision. i mean, regardless of what you think about the lateness of the call, those in positions of authority don't tend to welcome being shamed / battled in public. dana just doesn't seem to get this.

boxing is as much a scam as it is a sport, but those promoters know how to get it done. back-room deals... payoffs... flowery words of bullshit praise... whatever it takes.
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