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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by pauk
Soon as Silva started to become overconfident and underestimate his opponents some year/years ago (showboating, toying, putting his arms down and dodging thinking he is in the matrix or something) i knew it was just a matter of time before some scrub would hit the button....

so now weidman is a 'scrub'?

listen, people have tagged silva plenty. no one's KO'd him so that's worth something. this was not a TKO. his eyes rolled back, he sat down and tried to grab the ref's leg. he was out.

this wasn't a definitive win for CW but still a historic one. andy's been doing this for years really and weidman didn't didn't let get to his head or become mesmerized by the movement. weidman has all the tools to make a respectful run as champ. of course, he get KO'd by belfort down the line and that's the nature of the sport. if belfort connects, he can put down just about anybody.

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