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They need to drastically improve the defense on their garbage engine, seriously how many times can Lebron mash turbo button and dunk on your whole team. The fastbreak cheese in this game is retarded, I can't defend and control 5 players at the same time. All it takes is one inbound pass to halfcourt then an alley oop or bounce pass and it's an instant dunk, or Lebron can just outrun everyone and dunk on 3 people.

2k11 and 2k12 had "sticky" defense and it wasn't so braindead easy to abuse drives and dunk every time, I played some amazing defense in 2k12 and destroyed cheesers that just spammed Lebron/Wade. Now in 2k13 it doesn't matter what you do vs Heat Allen/Battie/Lebron/Chalmers hit every 3 while Wade somehow hits fadeaway mid range jumpers and Lebron is 100% inside in the paint no matter how many people you defend him with.
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