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Originally Posted by Patrick Chewing
It's not even about how loose it was. It was about Silva's position in relation to the hook that caused his head to turn so violently. Only thing stopping Silva's head from doing a 180 was his neck holding on to it.
human anatomy is an interesting topic. my two cents...

yeah having his head relaxed like that , down and away was a mistake ; if you compare that to the shots that Chael B Sonnen (son) landed on the goat. ..notice how Silva turned with the punch to kinda lesson the impact. Hence no knockdown (close)

that not withstanding, Most of you mma junkies also know, in combination to that, "its that the shot you don't see that hurts the most" because your brain isn't ready for it

Weidman put on a great fight. He was game..that first round was fantastic Both fighters gave as well as they took. props

Originally Posted by sommervilleCdn

dat chin. or maybe dude got pillow hands lols
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