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Default Re: Knowing your role on a team

Originally Posted by joe
It's like.. there's a difference between your objective, and your tools.

Like at one point in time, my objective was to learn how to finish over the big man when he comes over to help.

My tool that I tried to use was a Tony Parker floater. But I realized over time it was an inconsistent shot for me, so I stopped using it.

So the tool was wrong, but I didn't give up my objective. I still wanted to finish over the secondary big man helper.

this is a good post for anything in life.

It's best to step way back from your goal and view it from multiple angles, then the solution may be more simple than you think. And it seems the main idea is getting a bucket when your primary weapon is cut off. There are a million ways to do that.

It's also important, IMO, to take a fail drive assuming your teammates won't think less of you. That's one of the largest parts of sports, keeping faith in self and the faith of your teammates.

Just so that they know you will do it and even if they stop it with relative ease, you can plan your next drive off of what they did because, unless you're playing against some sort of bball savants, they will likely attempt to stop you in a similar fashion. Then, from there you can do whatever.

They may even attempt to force you to drive and that will open up even more possibilities. Often, people get mad cuz someone realizes what they are best at and goes out of their way to stop it, but really it's just making everything else that much easier and you'll still be able to do what you do from time to time because it's what you're best at.

At least that's how I see it...

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