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Originally Posted by franchize
Yall believe that BS if you want. We have historically had terrible GM's. Period. Stop making excuses for them. It's one thing if we're talking superstars. It's another thing if we're talking role players. I don't see us making the effort. The moratorium period isn't even over and we've blown our mini mid already. So let's stop acting like we've done everything we can to sign guys. Glen Grunwald is doing a lazy job. Period. If it were up to him, we would have brought back he same roster we had last year.

And the Knicks play as many people on the roster as any team in the league. Damn near every player started on the team except JR.
The fact almost every player started lets you know how weak the starters are, and rarely should the bench be put in those situations so often.

Take Miami the team the Knicks allegedly are trying to beat....

They have guys who rarely get burn let alone start in James Jones and Rashard Lewis.

Wonder why? because the teams core is good enough to carry the team...mainly it's starters.

in your eyes the bench should propel the dont work like that.

How many times did the bench come in this year facing a deficit? Too many.

The starters arent as good as you think they are.

And he actually IS bringing back the same roster.

Tyson Melo Amare Shump Felton are all back...the longer term deals havent gone anywhere, and they even brought back JR and Pablo.

Thats the core...just like last year, and likely a similar or worse result.
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