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Do not misinterpret I do not think Grunwald is doing a good job but its not like its his decision soley. This is not how this FO works.

I think Franchise is saying that the starters arent good and neither is the bench. Guys that are starting arent that much better than the bench players.

I didnt expect too much this year as far as moves because the Knicks had no ammunition. Last year was the year to make a run which in Grunwalds eyes probably was why he was so veteran laden.

I just wish he would address the Knicks inability to defend and rebound. I dont think the offense will be anything to cure per se because its an ISO crappy offense. Streaky.

We still have a few days to see what they will bring in. The dumbest thing was wasting part of the mini. The Bargs trade wouldnt have been bad if he didnt dump 3 picks.

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