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Originally Posted by Rameek
Do not misinterpret I do not think Grunwald is doing a good job but its not like its his decision soley. This is not how this FO works.

I think Franchise is saying that the starters arent good and neither is the bench. Guys that are starting arent that much better than the bench players.

I didnt expect too much this year as far as moves because the Knicks had no ammunition. Last year was the year to make a run which in Grunwalds eyes probably was why he was so veteran laden.

I just wish he would address the Knicks inability to defend and rebound. I dont think the offense will be anything to cure per se because its an ISO crappy offense. Streaky.

We still have a few days to see what they will bring in. The dumbest thing was wasting part of the mini. The Bargs trade wouldnt have been bad if he didnt dump 3 picks.
I dont think I'll ever hear the enlarged part.

The Bargnani move will likely be his biggest move and it really shows the team isn't committed what it takes to win when it matters.

You can find guys who score in the scrap heap, we need defenders and rebounders those dont usually come cheap.

No one can tell me that three draft picks and an expiring contract couldnt have nabbed a good defender/rebounder.

Grunwald could have offered that during the draft without camby and gotten a second round pick.

Then we could have drafted one.
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