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That's pretty accurate to what I'm saying actually. Our roster is devoid of talent. I've said it time and time again. Now we all know Amare's contract and lack of production holds us hostage. That being said, it isn't going anywhere. It's all the more reason why you cannot afford to make bonehead moves when it comes to your role players. It's ok for Knickscity to say "the starters aren't good enough so what does it matter". It's not ok for our GM to do so. Do your job.

And no Rameek, I'm not in the office and I'm not on the phone calls. You're exactly right. I am however on the internet. I do see the players we've turned down. I've seen the players we've said we aren't interested in. I've seen the fact that Prigioni ate up a sizeable portion of our mini mid (our only asset outside of vet min deals). If this was august/september and this happened. So be it. The moratorium period hasn't even been lifted yet. This is what Grunwald WANTED to do. He wasn't backed into a corner with Prigioni as his last option. Prigioni would be available the entire summer. Nobody else wants him. Grunwald made him a priority. Same way he did with Jason Kidd last year, when guys like Carlos Delfino were still available (and is still on the market now).

The guy just does a lazy job at evaluating talent all the way down to our summer league team last year. Now you can't tell me guys turned their noses up to our summer league roster. Those are literally guys just fighting for their NBA lives.
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