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I would be curious who the Knicks turned down as well.

Originally Posted by bluechox2
we did a good job i think this offseason, got rid of some dead weight in return for a productive player and shored up our major free agents who are now great trade bait at the trade deadline with desirable contracts. we did lose out on a draft pick but if we score in the 2015 free agency, we should be fine
Sorry I hope Bargs turns back the clock to 3 years ago but he is far from a productive player. I am just praying he can get and stay healthy and be what he was in the distant past.

We didnt sure up any FA's we resigned Prigs with part our mini mle (dumbest unnecessary move) and JR (I hope someone comes in and trumps our contract).

You realize the Knicks havent scored well in FA.

I will say the draft was ok and getting Leslie. We will see where that goes.
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