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Originally Posted by el gringos
I like how rameek and many others pretend offense and lack of balance was not a problem. It's not like the pacers won that series scoring in the 80's.

Moving Carmelo to the 3 in itself will help defense and rebounding. Bargnani was an addition to a team that could not score enough to win and his defense will be much better than the reputation you believe so much.
The Pacers series was lost because we didnt have the athletes, size, or the ability to capitalize on their TO's.

You act like Bargs is an elite player and he isnt. he's another 40% volume shooter. Is that what any team needs? 3 of those types of players?

I'm more on board with the guy because he is here me crying about it wont change the fact that he is here so I am cautiously on board. Hopefully he adds more from 3 years ago than he the terrible prone player with no heart.
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