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Default Re: All Purpose Boxing Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
I've said it before... I think he could have beaten Lennox Lewis, who I hold in very high regard. He had all the tools. Size, skill, chin, power, speed, athleticism, ring IQ...

He just happened to be completely insane. In boxing circles, he has become a legend. Like, the Len Bias of boxing.

He could have been great and was already on his way with impressive wins over an unbeaten David Tua and Chris Byrd.

Damn... Still pisses me off.

Anybody unfamiliar with Ibeabuchi, do yourself a favor and watch Ike v. Tua from '97. One of the greatest heavyweight fights I've ever seen. And, I don't think Tua was ever the same guy after this fight.

Yeah that fight was crazy, Tua is a complete savage as well. One of the most epic things about Ike(among other things) is that he simply decided to pick up boxing when he was already a grown ass man after he saw the Tyson-Buster fight, it's so rare to see a successful fighter at the top level without having picked up the sport from a young age and without a long amateur career.

Do you really think he could have beaten Lennox? Beat, as in, get his ass kicked the whole time but his amazing chin holds up and lands a bomb on Lennox, or actually outbox him and break him down? Honestly, I don't think there are more than maybe 1 or 2 heavyweights in history that I would choose to beat Lennox at his best...
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