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Default Re: Who can the Lakers get in 2014 FA????

Originally Posted by crisoner

2014 draft is LeBron or bust actually. All other players are restricted (The Kyle's, George, and Wall's). 2015 is the BIG year with Love, Rondo, Hibbert, and LaMarcus. If I were in the front office I would be aiming for this RIGHT NOW.

Lakers need to be smart with their cap next season. Maybe sign one years deals or sign Kobe and Gasol to low paid $$$ in 2015. I hope they are cultivating a plan as we speak. But this means we will have 2 seasons coming up of sub par b-ball.

We shall see.
I don't think Lebron will enter free agency. He took such a drubbing last time around he's going to avoid that as long as possible into 2016 or grab the first extension offer that comes along
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