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Default Detroit Pistons frontcourt analysis

Andre Drummond, C

The centerpiece of this team moving forward, Drummond is expected to make a dramatic jump from his rookie year to next season. Controlling the defensive glass and blocking shots come naturally, and he could have a post move or two. Double-doubles should be the norm ó and itíll be expected.

Greg Monroe, PF

Monroe is sliding from the pivot to the big forward spot and itíll be an adjustment playing next to Drummond. The teamís most consistent player and best post player now has the advantage of playing alongside the two best defenders in Drummond and Smith, minimizing his deficiencies on defense.

Josh Smith, SF

The shiny new addition to the puzzle, is he a small forward or power forward? Heís played more power forward but in this setup, heíll be the small forward, expected to provide virtually everything óscoring, rebounding, defending ó provided he stays away from that tempting 3-point line.

-- Detroit News
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