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Among players I've heard we're not interested in includes Nate Robinson, Jason Maxiell and Nick Young. I've mostly heard the Nate Robinson one. But that's neother here nor there. The bigger issue is, our priorities seem awry. It seemed as if our free agent priority #1 was bringing Pablo Prigioni back We really acted as if this guy was some type of dire need/ prize possession. Nobody else gave a damn about him. His options were play here or go home. I don't get how you tap into your lone asset outside of min contracts for this guy. If we didn't make him an offer right away, only one of two things would have happened. #1He'd be sitting around waiting for an offer from us a la Kenyon Martin. #2 He'd say F this, I'm going back overseas. At the end of the day, so what. I'm pretty sure we can replace 3 points 3 assists and a few hustle plays per game.
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