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Default Irony...too many big men on the market ?

Wouldnt the ultimate irony of Dwightmare 2 actually be too many "servicable" big men on the market ?

Serviceable of course is a fluid term... but where last year no one was available evidently there are all kinds of options now. Any team competative team looking for the bigman even off the bench for 16 minutes and a change of pace half court offence can find lots of material...

SI did a report on it to day but I give the article a D score for incomplete.

1) Bynum - high risk high reward for a potential all star

2) Pekovic tho maybe he already signed ?

3) Chris Kahman moved from Dallas.

4) Chris Anderson... though much like SI I dont see him leaving Miami

5) Jermaine Oneal - evidently looking for a job.

6) Marcus Camby eveidently want to play on a team that can win - not Toronto

7) Sam Dalembert can play servicable minutes for a team with need.

8) Joel Pryzballa - is he officially completely retired ? I would think he could play some minutes off the bench...

9) Demarcus Cousin... locked in Sacremento but no one is sure that he is the future there with 'personality conflicts' and new Management.

10) Elton Brand FA - more of a 4 than 5 but...

11) Omer Asik want out.. but houston wont oblige ??

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