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Default Re: Who can the Lakers get in 2014 FA????

Originally Posted by longtime lurker
I think a lot of whether Lebron leaves Miami is how the team players. I mean look at this year there were already articles comparing this team to the Cavs. Another year older means another year to decline. I don't think they get viable help unless all 3 players opt out at the together and take a paycut to sign some more help or they trade Bosh. We already know Lebron doesn't have loyalties to a team and the NBA is all about the story, Lebron is too so I could see a reunion in Cleveland the most likely destination. If Lebron leaves Bosh is gone.

I agree that it's important to look toward 2014/2015 and that the Lakers don't blow their wad on the 2014 draft class. But they have to make a significant signing in 2014 and make signings that compliment the team instead of just going for the name. Just look at the Rockets, a team's fortunes can change in just 2 seasons. If Lakers can get Kobe and Pau to commit to taking pay cuts, then 2014 should be used as a time to acquire assets by taking on contracts and signing at least one free agent. Sign two if they can clear extra capspace from Nash's contract. Otherwise they should be a playoff team in 2014 with space for 1 max contract in 2015.
D'Antoni's not going to make it past next season which is why I think Dwight was an idiot for giving up so quickly but that's a completely different matter.

Lakers 91 and longtime lurker, thank you guys for the excellent posts, this is the type of discussion we need to have on ISH
I apologize for my part of the garbage that happened in some other threads....stuff that I did not start.

I seriously question whether we should sign Pau at any price after this season, he is very injury prone, unwilling to play through it and will only get worse......just my opinion.
I do hope Kobe forgets about the money and takes a major cut to help the team.
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