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I still like where this is going. I think shedding some of the plot fat will really help this show. Masuka has been limited to where he should, making one cheesey joke an episode. Killing LaGuerta off has also limited the need to spread the show around. Same with getting rid of Dexter's step kids.

So the show is really running around Dex, Deb, Quinn, and the Lady, and the mystery killer. Some shows really work well bouncing around, but as much as I like this show, it just doesn't have the man power to do it.

Also, in two episodes this show has taken on a much much darker tone than we've seen in a while on this series. Dex conflicted with Deb really has a felt darker. And Deb is obviously in a really dark place, and is really killing it for a character who had sort of become a potty mouthe tough chick cliche.

How weird do you think it is for those two to be doing those scenes where she has to say how she wanted the opposite of hating him when they were married once and by all accounts split up due to his infidelity?

I have to say, my very first instinct upon seeing the video of the guy getting shot was that the old lady was the shooter. Although there's no way she could get him onto that hook. Although those sort of inconsistencies don't mean much in this show.
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