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Im liking this season so far, i think the psychiatrist is great angle that can played a multitude of ways, from the 2 episodes this is what I believe so far( right or wrong):
-Matthews knows Dexter has been a killer the whole time being Harry's best friend, he just doesn't give a care cause he has been killing "bad guys"
- The female psychiatrist is the real killer taking peoples parts of their brains, I think she trying to set up all her old clients one against each other, or Dexter, but she is definitely up to more
-Hopefully Debra dies, I appreciated El Sapo whipping her a$$.
- They keep referencing back to season 2, since this is last season I would like them to incorporate characters from past seasons, there are more people other than Deb and psychiatrist that know about Dexter such as Lumen, The trinity Killers whole family, bring all the cards out
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