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Default Re: Lakers To Amnesty MWP

Originally Posted by DKLaker
I'm going to enjoy football this season, I will be able to focus on that.....and then baseball next year......that may ease the pain of rebuilding

We will still be over the cap so GULP.....why don't they just Amnesty Kobe instead, it's obvious that we are in rebuild mode.....why waste Kobe's time? It would be an enormous bullet to bite.....but truth is that we're not getting anywhere anytime soon.......controversial.......YES.

I would have amnestied Kobe for a year if I knew he wasn't going to play. But that would take a hit on the sales too. People would stop going to games with no superstar.

As far as Ron Artest, this move gives me mixed feelings. He was my favorite player, but this move, along with Dwight walking, relieves the lakers about 30 million from the salary cap (about 75 million in luxury tax if my math is correct). Its a good financial move.

Now they signed Chris Kaman.

This isn't a championship team, but it won't be hideous either. It'll win us some games and it'll give Kobe a chance to catch up to the scoring title, which to me at this point, is just of equal importance as a championship for Kobe. The man has 5 rings. There are champions every year, but only one person holds the record for most points scored. That will sum up Kobe's career as a player if he takes that.
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