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Default Re: Lakers To Amnesty MWP

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Gasol is still one of the league's best (and smartest) big men.

After his contract expires and Kobe's contract expires, they need to be resigned to lower pay contracts and make these guys retire lakers. Gasol will always be productive. That way we can still sign a superstar to play with them.

Kobe won't walk unless he retires, and he deserves that honorable retirement. If we traded his contract for financial reasons, its the biggest slap in his face he would ever get. Let him retire honorably and let his legacy live as the best laker ever.

I agree about Gasol still being one of the best big men. It just feels like the Lakers are going to be rebuilding forever with the way their doing things. If they're going to blow it up, then just do it.
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