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Default Re: Who can the Lakers get in 2014 FA????

Originally Posted by bladefd
There is one other possibility..

-Trade Nash for Shawn Marion's expiring contract.
-Amnesty MWP
-With MWP amnestied, we would be under the cap I think. That would give us the ability to use full MLE.
-Sign a PG to the full MLE.. I dont know who. Maybe Billups?

Player 2013/14
Kobe Bryant$30,453,000
Pau Gasol $19,285,850
Steve Nash $9,300,500
Metta $7,727,280
Steve Blake $4,000,000
Jordan Hill $3,500,000
Jodie Meeks $1,550,000
Chris Duhon $1,500,000
Robert Sacre$ 988,872
TOTALS: $77,316,630

The MINIMUM roster size is 13 players, if you remove Metta, this puts us at 8 so we are forced to add 5 we are guaranteed to be over the cap barring a trade or two. This is why I don't understand how we let cheap labor like Goudelock, Morris and Ebanks go. We seriously need cheap filler.
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