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Default Re: Lakers To Amnesty MWP

Originally Posted by dd24
I agree about Gasol still being one of the best big men. It just feels like the Lakers are going to be rebuilding forever with the way their doing things. If they're going to blow it up, then just do it.

Yeah, I agree, we need to stop jerking around and blow this thing up, it's going to be a long bitter road unless we do. Reality is that guys leave their team at the end of their career, like it or not. The really smart teams know when to trade their old talent to build the future.
Hell, I was furious when the Lakers let Gail Goodrich go.......before most of you were, but it got us the pick that became Magic Johnson.

I've heard buzz about Kobe joining the Bulls to go for rings 6 and 7 inside Casa de Jordan. How crazy would that be?

Back to your point, yeah more sense to amnesty Pau.

This team as it stands will get destroyed in our own division by the Clips and Warriors......maybe even the Suns......and lets not even talk about what the Spurs, Thunder and Grizz will do to us......ugh!!!!

Oh no......and Rockets......ugh, ugh, ugh!!!!!!

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