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Default Re: The Walking Dead

Originally Posted by Bandito
Dude honestly I read the comics too ( I am in 110) and even though the TV is based on the comics, the show is very different. Like I just stopped following the show like being the same as the comics because is not. Is like a What if version of the comics.

The thing to remember is the TV show is not meant to be the video version of the comics, it's a version of the walking dead based off of the comics.

Can one exist without the other? Absolutely! Sophia's storyline doesn't exist in the comics, and Tyrese's storyline doesn't exist in the story the same way.

But, I'll be here to see who gets butthurt over spoilers in about 12 weeks :) I've already been exposed to season 4 spoilers and have a general idea as to the arc they're going for.
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