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Default Re: Who can the Lakers get in 2014 FA????

Originally Posted by crisoner
So take in players for cap space for 2015.
Like who?

And that just leads up to my point that 2015 is the year we make moves.


pg Rondo
sg Kobe?
sf ?????
pf Love
c Hibbert or Marc Gasol

What I mean by taking players for cap space is exactly what Utah did. They took in expiring contracts and got picks as compensation. The problem is though that the Lakers can't think 2015 or bust. That's absolutely the worst thing they could do. I can guarantee you there's no way they'll all 3 of those free agents that you've mentioned. And they won't get any of them if they're coming off an appearance in the lottery. If the 2014 free agent list doesn't quite pan out they need to sign one major free agent, a couple young players with high potential, take on expiring deals for picks from other teams looking to clear cap space and maintain 1 max free agent space for 2015. There's no way Lakers sign 3 max contracts in 2015 unless there was collusion like the Heat. It's only happened once in the NBA and too many things can go wrong between now and then.
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