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Default Re: Top 10 GOAT non-QBs?

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
and Lawrence Taylor, while one of the greatest ever, shouldn't be top-10 for anyone, i think he is a tad overrated.

What? He's one of the easiest choices to include in the top 10. He changed the game and caused havoc all over the field. Coaches game planned specifically for him. Joe Gibbs developed the two TE set and the H-back formation because of him. LT was a 10-time pro bowler, 8-time first-team all-pro, and was only 1 of 2 defensive players to win MVP, and he was the only one who won it unanimously.

Decon Jones was a better sack master than LT but they didn't record sacks back then. Decon has the REAL single season sack record.

That's in dispute:, but does it matter that much? Do you ever hear people talk about Coy Bacon or Al Baker or even Mark Gastineau that much?

he was like 180 lbs too, I mean in terms of raw athleticism he isn't even on the same planet as guys like Calvin or Moss

It's not about athleticism, it's about what they did. Moss had the talent to be the greatest, but he didn't use it. Mean Joe Greene would be undersized in today's game at the position he played. Guys could use the head slap back in Deacon Jones day. I know it's difficult to compare players from different eras, but Hutson was so dominate in his era that I can't leave him out.
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