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Default Re: Who can the Lakers get in 2014 FA????

Originally Posted by longtime lurker
I think a lot of whether Lebron leaves Miami is how the team players. I mean look at this year there were already articles comparing this team to the Cavs. Another year older means another year to decline. I don't think they get viable help unless all 3 players opt out at the together and take a paycut to sign some more help or they trade Bosh. We already know Lebron doesn't have loyalties to a team and the NBA is all about the story, Lebron is too so I could see a reunion in Cleveland the most likely destination. If Lebron leaves Bosh is gone.

I agree that it's important to look toward 2014/2015 and that the Lakers don't blow their wad on the 2014 draft class. But they have to make a significant signing in 2014 and make signings that compliment the team instead of just going for the name. Just look at the Rockets, a team's fortunes can change in just 2 seasons. If Lakers can get Kobe and Pau to commit to taking pay cuts, then 2014 should be used as a time to acquire assets by taking on contracts and signing at least one free agent. Sign two if they can clear extra capspace from Nash's contract. Otherwise they should be a playoff team in 2014 with space for 1 max contract in 2015.
D'Antoni's not going to make it past next season which is why I think Dwight was an idiot for giving up so quickly but that's a completely different matter.

Too many things to reply to at once darn Australian American time difference , I think it's pretty much LeBron stays in Miami or goes to Cleveland, I think he took a bit too much heat or well virtual hatred for leaving Cleveland in the first place I don't think he wants to be seen I suppose team jumping again, I don't blame him for leaving Cleveland I am not in the position to judge because I've never been in that position to say I would have done different but I can understand why so many were disappointed. Which is part of the reason I see him staying in Miami or going home to Cleveland, at least then he's kind of not being as disloyal, because he could spin it that he left things undone in Cleveland or left an unpainted full picture/I.E he didn't bring them a championship, so he could return he could say marketing wise that he is returning to finish the final chapter in his career/to make things right and I think fans would accept that more than if he jumped ship to another team, or he could just stay in Miami. He well could leave in a totally different scenario that's just my interpretation of whether he will leave, in all likelihood I can't see him leaving Miami for anywhere else than Cleveland if he cares about his image and that side of sports anyway.

I kind of do agree, I'd like to see a big signing to try and then entice free agents the year after that, just the ones that might actually be that caliber I don't know, I think the best out of any potential massive signing in 2014 would be Carmelo I think he's far more likely to come here than LeBron but I don't know how likely that is anyway, he might want to leave New York because of their cap situation and Amare's huge contract which is another two years after the 13-14 season I think.

Do you think they will fire D'Antoni then? I mean it doesn't make that much sense to me if they were just going to fire him in 2014, although it didn't make a great deal of sense in the first place, but I just think considering firing D'Antoni at the end of the off season I think may have wanted Dwight to come back because I think that was part of the reason he left along with clashes with Kobe and maybe the pressure of the second biggest media market in the NBA (New York first in terms of the media pressure I'd think although LA close enough behind), I just think if they were going to get rid of D'Antoni it would have been this off-season to try and sway Dwight, it's almost just a year too late getting rid of him just seems a little pointless to me. To not get rid of him to maybe sway your all star center to staying but then get rid of him the next season, why not just get rid of him this offseason? Not criticizing you thinking he won't make it more just if the Lakers do that what's the point or incentive to not do it this off-season instead? To make it appear like you have given him a 'fair go' at coaching or a full pre-season so then you can get rid of him and say yeah it wasn't getting better even with a full training camp?
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