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Default Re: Lakers To Amnesty MWP

Originally Posted by dd24
I feel like if Kobe has to bang around with all of those bigger guys he's just going to end up getting hurt again. I don't see Kobe bulking up. It's just too hard on his frame. Kobe's a SG. I don't like the whole small ball thing. It just doesn't work. I'm thinking maybe Lamar Odom is going to play some SF, not that it worked well before but it seems like he'll half to.

If you look at last year's roster you will notice that there is not much difference in height and weight between Kobe, Ebanks and even Jamison. As you get older you naturally put on weight, it takes more effort to keep your weight down.
Coming off surgery, Kobe will not be as quick or explosive so the SF will be easier, besides the banging at SF is way overrated, this is not the back to the basket NBA anymore. Kobe has a far greater chance of injury if he has to run and cut against quicker guys.
I have had and seen a ton of undersized teams dominate bigger, stronger guys. Even Shaq had his worst games against smaller Centers. Ask Pau about Carl So again, I see the issue as greatly overrated.
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