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Default Re: How Come We Are Not Signing Any Young Players!!!!

Honestly if there's been on criticism of Mitch and his front office it's THIS! They always waste their MLE and vet minimums. Seriously why even bother to have them? Players they should be targeting are Nick Young, Austin Daye, Wesley Johnson. Jesus how many times must they sign over the hill, one dimensional unathletic players? If there's any team that should be taking chances on young players with potential it's a playoff/championship contender. Earl Clark was a throw in when we traded for Dwight and he ended up being the 3rd/4th best player on the team. How many Earl Clarks has this team passed on over the years? And I know someone is going to post that these guys won't make a difference since we suck anyways but that's exactly why you sign them! If they outperform expectations you can either trade them or resign them on reasonable contracts and if they don't you've lost nothing unlike scrubs like Troy Murphy and Jason Kapono that you know have zero upside.
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