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Default Re: How Come We Are Not Signing Any Young Players!!!!

Originally Posted by kkinchen
I completely agree. I like the leadership and skills sets of the players we do have the fact is we need guys that are young and athletic enough to defend these young athletic players that are in todays game.

Assuming we amnesty Metta (please Mitch please)and let Jamison walk, who could we possibly fill out our roster with to get Kobe ring number six this year.


Nick Young , Austin Daye, Wayne Ellington, Corey Brewer, Wesley Johnson should all be candidates the Lakers are targeting. The problem is they gave the mini MLE to Kaman already before reaching out to any of these other players. They could have easily gotten another big for the vets minimum. Anthony Morrow just signed with the Hornets for the vet min. THE HORNETS!
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