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Default Re: gringos!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by el gringos
Another pg can always be found. It's whether you think you need a new starting pg or if you are talking about getting another backup.

Carmelo will have the best rebounding season of his career. And the more shumpert and jr smith play compared to Felton and prigioni will also affect rebounding.
I dont think Prigs is a legit back up. He was thrown in there because Kidd was terrible that was based on a last resort. I think Prigs can find a role against certain teams. Maybe he improves from last year with that experience from last year.

You are attaching rebounds to these little guys and thats not what this is about. The Knicks need a legit back up that can play serious minutes.

Rebounding and defense is about the front court. Right now the front court is tremendously weak. Nothing on this roster is about good rebounding and defense from the front court. Melo, Bargs, Stat are not the kind of players that bring that intensity and toughness and hustle from that position. Leaving only Chandler who is not a hustle rebounder or big body. The Knicks are in desperate need of a big body or as SAS (Stephen A. Smith) says a couple of goons! Goons that can finish and protect the rim.

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