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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto V discussion

Originally Posted by Done_And_Done
Looks like it's gonna be one for the ages. You can shoot someone in the face and then shoot a round of golf afterwards. Epicness tenfold...

Am I the only one that was really impressed with the mechanics for golf and tennis? It looked pretty detailed for something that is just there for an off-story recretional activity. They really put a lot of love into everything it seems, I am so excited. I'm too overwhelmed with what I saw, it just looks better then anything I have ever seen (including The Last of Us).

I see a lot of resemblance from previous installments with the three leading characters.

Mike = Vice City
Trevor = GTA 4
Franklin = San Andreas

The characters just fit those themes to me, anyone else?
My favorite part of the trailers was definitely Franklin shooting a bunch of guys. Looked so fluid and thrilling; my biggest disappointment with ALL of the GTA games was the actual mechanics (shooting and movement). I always thought they were pretty stagnant. Max Payne had the perfect mechanics for a 3rd person shooter and it looks like GTA V implemented that, which I'm thrilled about. That is what will make this the greatest game of all-time. We are all familiar with content, presentation, soundtrack, story line etc. but the one thing GTA always lacked in enjoyable game play and it looks like they have finally nailed it.

- Biggest map ever
- More content then in San Andreas
- Improved game-play

Hopefully the soundtrack is as enjoyable as Vice City was and the city is as authentic as Vice City was. The story-line I'm sure will be epic once again and the presentation from the trailers looks top-notch.

This game is incredibly ambitious; I love the theme (bank-robberies) and actually bringing realism to the game by building your own crew and strategizing.

I ****ing can't wait.
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