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Default Re: How Come We Are Not Signing Any Young Players!!!!

Originally Posted by longtime lurker
But when have the Lakers ever done that? We can use past history to determine that management is simply just clueless when it comes to evaluating potential. Why not wait to sign Kaman? There couldn't have been that many teams clamoring for a back up center. Guys like Andre Blatche signed for vet min on the Nets to come off the bench! He'd get start and get 30 minutes a game on the Lakers! Yes he resigned this year because of loyalty, but we could have signed him last year.
I don't think they're clueless, I think they don't care to be a team that develops talent.
Since the late 1990s they have been a team looking at making the finals not a team trying to make the playoffs. 2 different mindsets. This is the first time in 15 years they've been facing a different type of challenge

Kaman's not signing for the vets min. they needed a backup center, he's a good player, had to scoop him up while they could.

In addition to my above post another problem they'll face this summer besides only having vet minimum contracts to offer they'll only be offering those contracts for one year so they don't ruin their 2014 cap space

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