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Default Re: How Come We Are Not Signing Any Young Players!!!!

Originally Posted by longtime lurker
When you're making the finals is exactly the time to be taking chances on young talent so you can keep making the finals. Kamans not signing for vet min but there are other centers like Brandon Wright that will and they aren't a huge downgrade from Kaman. Kaman's a good back up center for what we got him for, but has no upside. Better to spend on a young guy with potential upside. Which brings me to another point, nothing wrong with offering young players 2 year vet min deals. 1 million is not going to cut into the cap space and it can easily be moved if need be. I'd rather sign Nick Young to a 2 year deal with a player option because at worst you're getting a certified bench scorer and at best the 2nd leading scorer on the team.

Not really. That extra one or two million could be the difference between signing 2 or 3 big contracts or not next offseason. Why would they even take that chance over keeping a kid that's unproven and has to learn the game?

Lakers will have 50 million in cap space next summer

Extend Kobe if he's healthy for 10 million now you have 40 million, already you're down to one big max contract and one or two larger contracts.

That 2 million you've tied up in developmental players is looking really dumb now and you can't trade them because you have to take salary back, you can't waive them because that counts against the cap. You just screwed the pooch on the rebuild over a couple guys that are going to spend half the season in the D-League and the other half carrying Kobe''s suitcase.
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