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Default Re: I love high quality pick up games!!

Had a high quality pick up game yesterday, despite playing on the team that lost. I was the biggest guy on my team standing at 6'2" 185 lbs. I didn't feel good about the game at first because the other team had 2 huge black guys standing at least 6'6" 220 lbs. The second biggest guy on my team was barely 5'10" 160 so I thought we were in trouble. Since I was the biggest guy on my team, I had to guard one of the twin towers. I'm a really good outside shooter with a quick release and pretty decent at moving with out the ball. Either the catch-n-shoot or shooting off the dribble going left(right handed shooter) is my bread and butter.

I hit 4 2's in a row. Played really good defense on the 2 big guys. My teammate that was guarding the other big guy was getting used and abused so I spent a lot of time guarding my guy and doubling on the other big guy and had a few good weak-side defensive plays. Everyone was passing the ball and making shots. Had a good drive straight to the chest of one of the big guys and hit the and1(mind you, I didn't call and1) and had a crucial offensive rebound/put-back over the 2 monsters. Despite having a huge size disadvantage, our scrappy defense and communication kept us in the game till we lost 21-19(I hit a big 2 to tie it at 19). Disappointing loss but it was by far one of the most fun pickup games I've played.
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