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Default Re: Why do you love/hate Grand Theft Auto IV?

It's like Rockstar took a step forward with the engine (shooting, cars and etc), but took a step back from the features.

Like for example: GTA: SA basically done almost everything GTA V is doing. Car customization, person customization (clothes, tattoos, make your character fat, skinny, buff), learn different fighting styles, buy houses, have a business, start a gang war, different girlfriends who have different perks that can help you out I think, RPG elements to level up your skills (guns, cars, swimming, flying), jetpack, jets, parachuting, and etc. And there might be other stuff that I'm forgetting.

Most of these features were not in the vanilla GTA 4. That is disappointing. But the cherry on top were the missions. I didn't think they were as versatile as prior GTA games. And they were more scripted and repetitive. And they were easy, but I guess this is more subjective than my other complaints.

I didn't mind the city. I loved the detailed city. But I prefer the exploration of what GTA: SA offered. And I love the GTA 4's story and character. Niko was pretty awesome and the dialogue in the game was pretty interesting. I think Rockstar is getting better and better at telling a story. The fact that many critics rate GTA 4 soo high contributes in my disappointment too. It didn't live up to the hype to me because it wasn't even my favorite GTA game of the series, that was GTA: SA which had way more features in the single player.

Anyway, GTA V looks like a real sequel that I would've wanted for GTA: SA. GTA 4 was a very good game, but I think I would've been more impressed if GTA: SA never existed.
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