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Default Re: USA is no longer number 1

Originally Posted by MMM
I wonder how Canada compares because it seems like a lot of younger Canadians have similar eating habits to Americans. It seems like the avg North American is overworked thus leading to lazier eating habits. I mean how much people actually have the time to cook a decent meal nowadays???

I think Canadian food is fresher and perhaps void of some of the same chemicals that are in American food (for the most part).

Everytime I visit Canada I can taste the difference in their food. The quality in their food is superior, everything tastes fresher imo.

One thing that must be analyzed is the social pressures (as you alluded to) that contribute to poor dieting and workouts.

Canadians appear to be less strung out and stressed out, far more chill and extremely polite. Mexicans are also overworked and stressed out.
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