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Default Bouncing ball of defender's head/face... disrespectful?

Video above is of the professor bouncing the ball off a defender's face. The guy gets offended and tries to fight him.

What are your thoughts on someone doing this in a pickup game or organized play?

Personally I feel it is disrespectful to purposefully throw the ball at a defender unless you are either trying to deflect it off him out of bounds or you are in bounding and your defender has his back to you, so you bounce it off his back for an easy score/attack.

If someone just bounced the ball at my face in a pickup game I'd be offended and would feel disrespected, but probably wouldn't try to start a fight. I would get much more physical on defense.

If you bounce the ball off my head twice, or try to. I'm firing off a baseball pass into the back of your head when you're not looking.
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