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Default The Nets can still sign one more player using Min contract

Which player should we go for? Lets look at the rosters now:

C Brook Lopez, Andre Blatche, Mason Plumlee
PF Kevin Garnett, Reggie Evans, Mirza Telotovic
SF Paul Pierce, Andre Kirilenko, Tornike Shengelia
SG Joe Johnson, Jason Terry
PG Deron Williams, Shaun Livingston, Tyshawn Taylor

The front court looks pretty much set, although Id appreciate it if Billy King manages to trade or release Mirza for a better backup player like Kenyon Martin. The SF position also looks fine, Shengelia may be waived but PP and AK47 are enough for the rotation.

The SG/PG positions will still need a solid backup. I personally do not quite trust Livingston and Taylor, these two may not fulfill their role while Deron is off the court. Can we pick up Nate Robinson? Would be great if we do this. Another possibility is to move Terry to backup PG, but then we will need a backup SG. Is it possible to trade for Aaron Afflalo?
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