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Originally Posted by poido123
Rose wasn't "shutdown" by Lebron. His driving lanes were cutoff and his ability to do what he does was limited from a collection of Heat players honing in on Rose's strengths due to unreliable shooters and Noah and Boozer were carrying injury, so Heat dared Rose to do it all. Now, this is a totally different team to the 2011 team. We now have Butler and Dunleavy, Noah has improved, and the core has played together for alot longer now.

Butler will be able to guard Lebron(Deng didnt guard him well that series), Dunleavy will be able to keep Miami defense from honing in on Rose with his shooting(no bogans more spacing and Heat players will have to respect the shooters now)and overall defense will be that much better with Deng Butler and Noah.

Heat showed me last year that they have obvious weaknesses and if not for a couple of things going their way, they could of been eliminated by inferior opponents to the Bulls.

I never said ROSE was shut down. I said our offense was. It sputtered without someone to take pressure off Rose, and with no real shooters to help space the floor.

Now we have some shooters, but are we really going to play Dunleavy and Snell and Murphy in crunch time against the Heat? Butler is a nice shooter, I guess, but he doesn't scare me. I wouldn't purposefully leave him open, but neither would I be concerned about Butler torching me from deep.

Fact is, this team NEEDS another creator at an absolute minimum. Ideally a better player that can also shoot really well. And lastly, a rim protector as a backup, 10-20 mins a night. Not my fault that Gordon fits the first two criteria by himself. Yes he's injury prone, but we will not win a title by standing pat. Risks need to be taken, or we'll be the Milwaukee Bucks on steroids; never really improving, or getting worse either, and staying a top 4 seed without being a real threat.

Right now, the only way for the Bulls to win a title is to hope the Heat are not healthy.
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