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Default Re: Bouncing ball of defender's head/face... disrespectful?

Originally Posted by TylerOO
Ok. Go try that at your local court in a pick up game and see what happens
I trust he meant it's "streetball", as in the And1 derivative of normal streetball. I suppose I can't speak for him though.

Typically speaking, in a regular basketball setting (gym, street, rec, otherwise), bouncing the ball off an opponent's head is poor form, in my opinion. I'm a little cooler with it in goofy settings like And1 or NBA Rookie Games (though Carlos Boozer would beg to differ).

I'm not really sure who The Professor is affiliated with these days so I can't really tell if that's a true game he's playing over there or part of an And1 type of entertainment tour. If it's Globetrotterish, I do not object as much. But if it was supposed to be a real contest, I could see the issue. It seemed to be the latter.

Originally Posted by Pushxx
It's retarded and takes no skill.
You know the funny thing? I think it actually does take some skill. I say this only because I fondly recall the streetball era of the early 2000's and I know I've seen dozens of folks try the "off the heezy" goofing around with friends. But what they never seemed to know was that it took a bit of touch. It wasn't just throwing it off another guy's noggin. For years it seemed I'd see a guy catch a rock to the face courtesy of his And1 loving friend. It's more of a "forehead drop" than head bounce. But that's all beside the overarching point.

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